Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feelings of Nostalgia In Pictures (Soap Porn)

Memorial Day always brings a mixed bag of feelings for me. Sadness, reflection, emptiness, peace, excitement, love, freedom and creative hunger. I found a few pictures I need to share that helped me move through this hungry, thirsty artistic mood I am having. It quieted my inner beast. For now, it brought me to nostalgia.


(Rainbow orange and lavender 2) took Spanish in Junior High School you know. I know un poco! ;) Oh lookie! I went to his blog and sure enough, I was right. Go figure.


Floresta Verde by Soapchick UK

Salgado Azule by Soapchick UK
reminds me of the countless times I spent on the beach looking for sea glass



Mea Culpa soap block (part of an art installation)
at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN
artist: Maria Velasco | Source: Maria Velasco Studio


I love the name, the ingredients and the way I'm supposed to use it. Yeah, I bought a piece. ;)

Ingred: Saponified soy olive & coconut oils, bananas, pineapple, mango, currant oil, citrus EO

What fun this porn post was! Have a great day folkies!! Love ya!


Teresa said...

This is some of the best soap porn I have ever seen!
Thank you!!

Tracey Gurley said...

Total soap porn. They are all sooooo beautiful!!

Sergio said...

Thank you Joanna for the mention of my soaps in your pretty Blog plenty of nice creations.Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Wowee, those are so pretty, all of them.

TeresaR said...

Mea Culpa is a work of art, but I think I love Salgado Azule the most.

innerearthsoaps said...

Wow! Gorgeous soaps!

Anonymous said...

I am honored to have Curat listed in your blog..thank you..and among such wonderful artists ;)