Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lustbirne Has Me Lusting

As I mentioned in a previous post, Miss Gabriele Kappes, a.k.a. Macsoapy, of Einfach Seife, sent me soap and I must do a review immediately because the first and only bar I've tried, put my entire family into a shower frenzy.

I was sent 3 bars (oh, the lovely Gabriele. thank you!): Smoky, Lustbirne and Sportsfreund. I grabbed Lustbirne and went in for an evening shower only to be delighted on so many levels. Mm, the smell was new to me. I don't speak German, so I couldn't interpret Lustbirne. "Fragrance" is the only clue I get in the ingredient list, so before I go looking online at Google Translate for what I'm smelling, I try to test my smelling abilities. Eh'hem... I know I'm going to fail because I'm not well versed in the florals, and I think this one is...... Honeysuckle..? Oh my flipping head, it's a gorgeous and gentle scent!

So I'm in the shower and the bar is on the small side of normal, but works beautifully in my hand, as if it were made just for it, and I get it wet and start the lather process. GOLD! Dang - - that sucker batted it right out of the field! Über lather that made for great shaving and it washed off nicely, too.

I'm sad, though. My husband doesn't usually like the soaps I get because the scents are too much for him. Well, he really likes this one and he takes two showers a day. TWO! My son has also decided he really likes the soap! So now he is starting to shower in our bathroom instead of his. So my beautiful soap is going quick because it is being manhandled and showered with 4 times a day. Poor thing.

I love the soap I am using. Lustbirne. I haven't tried the other two but they smell wonderful. I did a Google Translate on Lustbirne and it says: pear relish. Guess my nose is WAY off. Hmmmph. But now I go back. Ah, yes, I can smell it now. How wonderful! So mild and delicate. And a beautiful bar to look at, yes?

Gabi, thank you SO SO SO much. I love your soap!! And my family does too. I'll have to divvy out my other bars for safety reasons. No fighting amongst the siblings...


xoxo jo


macsoapy said...

Ohhhhh, I'm so happy you and your family liked the LUSTBIRNE. It's a straight pear scent, very close to the real scent of ripened pears.
Lust means Lust. So it's a pear soap full of lust - and you described it very good!
This soap has a high percentage of shea butter, about 10%. That's why the leather is extra creamy.

Thank you for your nice words.

Lavarie - Seifen und anderer Wahn said...

I adore Gabriele's soaps very much and think she is a real "master of arts". So thank you for this enticing review! Now I guess I have to order some Lustbirne from einfach Seife...

Sarah said...

hehehe! I enjoyed this post very much! :) The soap world is a might big place!

TeresaR said...

Seriously pretty and sounds like it smells amazing. I think Brad has similar soap tastes to my hubby, so I'm sure he'd like it too. :)

bianca said...

Awesome post! I love your humor, you always make it interesting :)

kiel said...
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