Thursday, February 11, 2010

Open Sky Announcement

I was invited to be a shopkeeper at The Open Sky Project, which is an online marketplace made up of shopkeepers ("experts in a field") who provide suggested products that he or she recommends. The suggested products have added personal written reviews by the shopkeeper or videos or whatever the shopkeeper wants to add. I haven't added videos yet, but I can't wait to! Each of us shopkeepers choose our own things we like or want to recommend and then anyone who knows me or trusts me might feel compelled to purchase from the shop because I give them a personal account of my experience! It's a pretty cool concept.

Open Sky was founded and is being run by John Caplan, former owner of Ford models, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

I am trying to get Indigo Bee soaps to be suppliers and have their soaps and stuff available for purchase there which would be pretty huge considering Open Sky is being browsed by over 159,000 shoppers so far. I'm also trying to get a large selection of soy wax candles and other handmade items to appear in The Soap Bar shop.

I understand you may find this to be weird and maybe it is, but we all have to make a little money here and there and Product Body is one way I make some and The Open Sky may turn out to be another, who knows? Yes, I make a commission on anything that sells through my shop. I would love it if you would go over there and take a look. Sometimes, like I think right now, they are offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Like I said, I'll be adding a A TON more stuff, but for now, I'm just making my announcement for the opening.



Hartley said...

SOunds like fun, I will keep checking out the shop for new reviews.

Crazy Soap Lady said...

I am so thrilled to be a part of your project. I feel honored that you thought enough of my products and me to include Indigo Bee in your store! I will promote it and you whenever and wherever I can. Looking forward to it!