Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Elitist? No, It's Just Easy

I'm guessing you've probably noticed that most of my soap porn finds come from Etsy. I know, so convenient isn't it? It's no coincidence though. I go to other marketplaces, but I find that Etsy has the most comprehensive search engine, at least since the last time I looked.

These were the ones I knew about other than Etsy:

But now I find out there are so many more. I'm only going to name 4 of them and I'm not going to link to them because I am lazy today:

  • poppy talk
  • paper n stitch
  • shop handmade
  • DaWanda
They are all cute and I plan to use every one of them now, but I had to explain my "overuse" of Etsy. ArtFire didn't provide me with much as far as searches when I wanted specific soaps. It doesn't really work for my last posting because as you can see, both searches came up with come nice choices of soaps, but typically, Etsy brings up a better array.

I'll show you the nice pictures anyway...

I typed "snow soap" into the search field on ArtFire and this was the batch that came up:

Then Etsy's search:

This really is to explain where my head has been at as far as searching for the interesting soaps, the porn, the soap LOVE, but I will go farther and wider and stop taking the easy way out all the time. Time constraints may have me going to Etsy on occasion, so it may have to be Etsy or no post on certain days. I know you will understand. ;)

Yay handmade and independent, I say, no matter where you sell. And whatever you do, keep me updated. You know I love hearing from you all! :D



Teresa said...

Ooh - aah....I love your Etsy soap porn!!
I completely agree with your post.
Thanks, Jo!

madpiano said...

As soon as Etsy starts displaying prices in UK£, I'll be over there, but my UK customers are put off when they see a $-amount, so I will have to stick with Artfire of Folksy

Erica said...

That's the same thing I do. Etsy is easy and fast. I tried doing searches on the internet, but people are not tagging their photos so I can find them. I also started a flickr photo pool so people could post their soap porn where I can find it, but only a few have taken advantage of it (and I always feature people in the photo pool). Thanks for the 4 new places to shop for porn. I will give them a try and see what turns up. Love your selections. They are always beautiful.

FooFooBerry said...

I'm new to Etsy and only have one soap up at the moment. What I can't figure out is the shipping as I'm in Canada and anything to the States goes by weight so it's so hard to list a shipping price. Eventually I will list more items.

Thanks for the post and I always enjoy the soap porn.

FooFooBerry said...

Links to the listed sites in case anyone wants to check them out:

Poppytalk Handmade:

paper n stitch:

Shop Handmade:


Michelle said...

Thanks for the names of the other sites. I hadn't explored enough myself... so thank you for pointing them out :)

FuturePrimitive said...

I like 1000 Markets. Just found a photographer on there who takes pics of things I just love, so thanks for that.
I get the Etsy thing though. They're like the Tesco's of the handmade shop world aren't they...!

簡單生活 said...
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Shower Gel said...

Fantastic looking soap!