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Monday, January 11, 2010

Stella Marie In The Movies

Kim Gonzaga of Stella Marie Soap Company is a wonderful soap maker and great business woman. I love her moxie and sense of style. She's has a unique approach because of who she is and I think it makes her stand out, which, of course, is what will put her in the spotlight.

She made a stylized video of her hot process soap making and it should be shared. It shows a little Kim and it shows her soap process. Take a look.

Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to share your video with the rest of my readers and for letting me try your luscious soapies. Yum, they are good. Keep it up, girl. You are going places!



TeresaR said...

I love soaping movies!!! Thank you, both!

TeresaR said...

Just watched it: That was so a soap rock video!

Teresa said...

So fun! I love making hot process soap too! Thank you!!!!

Kim said...

Oh, you are so nice to have posted the video! Thank you!

Incidentally, I think YOU'VE got lots of moxie, Jo!!!

One of the things I enjoy about HP is finding new and exciting ways to manipulate color and texture with it. It behaves differently and I love exploring its potential.

FuturePrimitive said...

i have spent many an hour or 3 on you tube just watching how others produce. i find it very therapeutic. i'd seen this vid before..she am good!

Joanna said...


Amy W said...

Great flick! Thanks for sharing! :)