Friday, January 1, 2010

Reviewing Your Soaps

I love handcrafted soap and I love to be a part of the soaping community. I thank you in advance for trusting your soaps to me and being a part of my blog. If you would like me to review your soaps, you can mail them to me here:

Joanna Schmidt
3 River Drive
Jupiter, Florida 33469

I will try to get to them/use them as soon as I am able to. Please understand that if I dislike the scent, I will still try to give an honest review about the soap but it is difficult to enjoy a soap if the smell is difficult to enjoy.

Also please try to understand that I work full time and run a household and have two children. Writing this blog and reviewing soaps is something I do for no money and I have a full plate, to say the least. Please understand that if I am behind in getting a review completed that you should not take it personally. I am probably just very busy.

Thank you, again, for being part of this blog. Every person involved here has made it what it is today.