Saturday, December 19, 2009

Natural Laundry Soap ~ Under The Willow

Carrie Garvin (a.k.a. Carrie Gigi) sent me some handmade laundry soap to review and I was super excited. I had heard about laundry soap being made from cold process soap, but never actually tried it. How could it work? Wouldn't it be weird and not leave a nice scent behind?

Carrie sent me three handmade pouches in different patterns and included a fine stitched washcloth with a small plastic scoop tucked neatly in its pocket to scoop out the perfect amount of soap for each load of laundry. There were directions for top loading machines and high efficiency (HE) machines that are front loaders (which I have and actually loathe- another story, another day).

I was eager to get home and try the soap, but not so eager to do the wash. You know how that is. But since it was Carrie's soap, wellllll... I got going. I tried the Cambridge Rum because we were a fan of her Cambridge Rum soap in this family. I opened the bag. Woah. The smell was strong! I started a load and ran it right through to the end and when I dumped out the dried clothes on my bed and put the warm clothes to my nose, my senses were tickled pink with delight. It was a soft, delicate, clean scent that was unique, and very Cambridge Rum-my for those of you who are familiar with her Cambridge Rum scent, you know exactly what I mean. It is a hard scent to describe. I'll give you her description: A rich bay rum scent with notes of woods, the shore, & more... So, yes, it is wildly strong out of the bag. In fact, it helps my garage not smell so much like a garage, which is a godsend of sorts. But when you run the soap through the wash the clothes smell delicately scented, not smeared through perfume. Oh no, it is the perfect whisper of scent, I assure you.

Her laundry soap comes in three gorgeous scents: Home For The Holidays, Cambridge Rum and Lavender Grace. They really all smell amazing and our wash is clean clean clean!! For $8.00 for 2 cups, (80 loads!!) it's a no-brainer. Get yourself a batch, because not only will your clothes smell fresh and wonderful, but you will be supporting an independent soap maker, and another thing: Carrie Gigi ROCKS.

Here's some usage information:
Usage (each envelope): 2 cups will clean up to 80 loads!
Top load: 20 very LARGE loads, 40 medium/ small loads
HE/front load: 40 LARGE loads, 80 medium/small loads

Some interesting facts about Whispering Willow Natural Laundry Soap:
--Little or NO suds(no detergent!)
--NO fabric softner needed~ clothes dry very soft
--Use in all temperatures
--Created with all natural ingredients
--Measuring scoop will be included
--White decorative washing cloth will be included
--Sample of other scents will be included
--Laundry envelope is an exclusive pattern created ONLY from Under the Willow

This pretty metal spoon wasn't included, but a cute plastic one was for perfect measuring.


Michelle said...

Her cambridge rum scented natural laundry soap is my favorite!! The kids love smelling their clothes after they wash :)

Michele said...

OMG! I received some samples also and it ROCKS! Cambridge Rum is my fave-it smells so clean and fresh -perfect clean laundry scent. YUM!

Anonymous said...
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Michele said...

Ok, so umm so how does a blog get spammed?

Joanna said...

I guess I'm going to have to do the blogger approval thing. My blog has been spammed non stop this month. Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

I've gotten tons more spam in the past month than I have in the entire past year too...weird.

Anyway, great review! I absolutely love Carrie's detergent!! My current fav scent is Home for the Holidays. It actually makes my mouth water when I smell it. =)

I think I buy it almost as much for the sweet decorative wash cloths as I do for the detergent!

Oils and soap said...

i have to say that at first i was a little skeptic about the laundry soap but after one use, now i have no doubts about it .:)

FuturePrimitive said...

sounds and looks so lovely. will have to bookmark it and buy some when funds have picked up.

thanks for sharing xxx

Michelle said...

I had to go to "blogger approval" to Jo. I kept getting so much spam it was ridiculous. I use to get anonymous posts for me to approve that were also spam until I also started using that word verification thingy with the blog post approval.