Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Delirium & Co. - Scarlet Grapefruit Candle

Delirium and Co. Candle
Scarlet Grapefruit

Guest Review by Kim Pilla

Delirium’s Scarlet Grapefruit scent, to me, is masculine and evokes a vintage era. Can I start with the box? I loved the packaging of this candle. It is modern and the box is beautiful and reflective. Perfect for a gift for him or her. Open the box and I smell this citrus cologne, so delicate and beautiful. I don't know about you, but an overpowering scent for me can lead to a headache, and yet I do not want a wimpy scent, either. This soy blend candle is poured into a silver mirrored container. Once lit it throws a light and graceful blend of scents. It burns wonderfully with no black smoke or discoloration in sight. It is a slow burning candle, and I have enjoyed this scent throughout my home. It has evoked in me a silver screen.

Quite frankly dear, I feel like an old Hollywood movie star when burning Scarlet Grapefruit.

Written by Kim Pilla

Delirium & Co. Scarlet Grapefruit candle is a crisp sensual merger of ruby red grapefruit, red currants, apple, mandarin, jasmine and amber.
  • Approximate burn time: 55+ hours.
  • Net weight: 7.9 oz.
  • Soy blend wax.
  • encased in a translucent, reflective silver glass.
  • $38


Anonymous said...

That's one sexy candle!

Debbie in Nashville said...

Sounds wonderful. I love Grapefruit scents so I will have to check this out.