Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Coconut Challenge For You

I have been searching long and hard (for 5 years) for the perfect coconut scent, and other then the actual coconut or virgin coconut oil/cream or coconut powder straight up, I have not been able to find it.


I am putting the coconut scent challenge over to you. If you want to participate, here is how it's going to work.

The contest will have to extend over 5 weeks so you all have the option to make your soap any way you want to (melt and pour, hot or cold process...) and still get it to me. It's okay if it's not straight coconut, but I would prefer it, so I can get the true nature of the coconut base, but again, not required if you think the blend is truly worthy of the extra notes. I'll let you be the judge of that.

The winner will get two months of advertising for free on The Soap Bar plus an interview/feature blog post right here where I will scream from the roof tops! YA, baby!
The contest starts right now and the soaps must be received here at the shop no later than Friday, September 25th by 6 pm.

Update on the Coconut Challenge:

I got a bunch of emails from some of you saying that you know you don't have the perfect coconut scent so you aren't bothering sending it but look forward to seeing the contest. Hmmm. Perhaps with THAT attitude, there won't BE a challenge! Have some faith and I have added a Runner's Up prize so get your butts moving. (motivate)

I will also be crowning a Runner's Up with one month's free advertising (graphic ad).

Good luck to all of you. I look forward to smelling the coconuts!

The address for mailing:

Product Body Shop



Erica said...

Well, I can't win this one. I am in the same boat as you - never able to get a good coconut scent, but of course, I only want something natural. Should be fun to see who wins, though.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

so do we tell you what scent we used? or do you have to guess if it is straight coconut or coconut mixed with something?

I LOVE your contests!!!!

Joanna said...

Oh, absolutely! Label your work. We can have a "Stump Joanna" next time. not a bad idea! ;)

madpiano said...

I have found the perfect coconut smell. I will send you some soap I prepared earlier. Does it matter if it comes from the UK ?


Joanna said...

It makes no difference where it comes from dear woman! Now, I followed your blog in hopes that this will push you to post anything! Pictures of your soaps, thoughts, your journey with soap... do something with it and Iwill come read...

innerearthsoaps said...

I would be very interested to see who wins ... I am yet to find the perfect coconut fragrance myself.

Merryn said...

I'm shipping off my bar to you in tomorrow's mail - so let me know when you get it. To me it's a perfect creamy coconut scent that makes me want to bite into it (but I promise I won't)!