Monday, March 9, 2009

Pink Parchment - Soapa Soapa

Months ago I ordered whipped soap from Pink Parchment Soaps because I just have a thing about whipped soaps. They look cool and feel cool. Maybe because they kind of look like fudge or cake with that dough-like whippy whipped texture. Honestly, I think all this soap love I have is completely visual and stems way back to all things sugar. I mean, I keep thinking it MUST be much deeper than that, but really, it always seems to go back to the cake the fudge, the cupcakes, and chocolate, the pie, creamy custard, that crazy tasty I-can't-live-without-that-confection-for-one-more-second-give-it-to-me feeling you know what I mean?

So I got this beauty in the mail and was thrilled:

Funny how life became busy. It got put on my shelf and using it was put on hold for too many months until now. I have to say it was well worth the wait because I love this soap. The scent is pink grapefruit, but a sweeter pink grapefruit than a tart pink grapefruit and the soap looked exactly like this photograph. The interesting thing about it was that is was denser than other whipped soaps I've tried, so I am assuming it was not whipped as long (?). I like this very much because it isn't disappearing as fast AND it's not breaking apart in my hands like a cakey mudpie as the others had (no names will be mentioned a-hem). This bar has major bubbles and excellent shaving slip for those who use soap for shaving. I will use ole whippy 'til the nubby nub slips down the drain. And y'know, I don't feel that way about THAT many soaps. Usually I use the soaps about halfway and then retire them, go on to the next for review.

This one I'll use up.

Now, I do wish the scent had a sharper, more tart grapefruit scent, but that's me. I am a hardcore "real citrus scent" gal. I can cut a lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and just sniff the real fruit to my nose for minutes on end.

I love it THAT much.


ka fée said...

Beautiful ^^
I love whipped soaps.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

that looks great! I still have yet to try whipped soap, they do seem very interesting. Just another thing on the try out list :)

Anonymous said...

I love pinkparchment soaps! I don't know what she does to make her soaps so creamy and long-lasting, but they are absolutely wonderful and last a long time. She will do a custom scent if you just ask - she made me soap that smells like Southern Gardenias.

Amy W said...

Very cool! I haven't tried to make the whipped soaps either. Got one in a swap though that was shaped like a cupcake. My girls loved it!!

Anonymous said...

They look nearly as nice as your Pink Grapefruit Parfait soap (that I'm using right now)! 8)

Nuria said...

It really looks lovely ,I also love soaps that resemble cakes, I find a lot of my inspiration in cake shops, hahahaha.

Body Natural Soap said...

Lovely soap. I love doing the whipped soap thing when I have time. I really like the working time that you get when making whipped soap. I latley have been craving citus smells. I would love to get ahold of a real tart grapefruit that last long in CP soap. Any one have suggestions.

Michael and Ermilene C said...

Oh man the site says she's out of stock. Just another thing to add to my list of anniversary gifts I better be getting this year! :o)

My best, Lynn