Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Cakes Soapworks

I am reviewing a soap of Great Cakes that Amy sent me well before the Christmas holidays and she no longer is carrying the soap. Bear with me and take my review as a general review of her soaps because she has some beautiful ones at her shop.


Loved it.

I am not a big mint fan. Don't get me wrong. A fat York peppermint patty can be an anytime of day snack for me, but mint all by itself never really does it for me. I open the plastic wrap on the soap and take a whif. Minty. I nod my head to and fro..."okay, this could be good", I murmur to myself half awake... stumbling into the shower fighting standing sleep syndrome the whole time. By the way, the bar is gorgeous with the red swirls in the creamy base. So festive, even in March.

(Just so you know, I am so NOT stuck on the whole holiday thing. I love pot roast in the Summer, fruit in the Winter, and having Cadbury eggs disappear after Easter just pisses me off).

In the shower, leaning against the wall, hot water pounding on my back, bar in hand, I start to move...rub the soap on my stomach, between my hands and shaWANG! Presto bubbles sumpremo, my dear. That woke my brain up. I love it when the bubbles double in size before the scent even reaches my nose. You would be mistaken if you thought I was all about bubbles, because it's just not true. Not really. I need major moisture because I am Dry Girl (this is why I started Product Body). This moisture-rich bar worked its magic on my skin and the aroma was mild peppermint, not Eclipse gum, shock-you-in-the-mouth-awful-mouthwash-sting-your-eyes peppermint. This was smooth, not too harsh, or over scented.

It was perfect.

One thing. My big fat brain didn't think to NOT wash my nether regions with it, and I felt like I had sat in an ice chair laced with a hint of Tiger Balm. Perhaps I am sensitive. Just a warning.

Great Cakes make great soaps. I truly LOVED it. Go check out their selection of handcrafted soaps and go visit Amy's blog.


Gioia Made Soap said...

NIce review and gorgeous soaps!

Amy W said...

I did try to warn you about the nether regions...LOL!!

Thank you for a wonderful review!!

Body Natural Soap said...

Really lovley looking soap.

Leann said...

mmm peppermint, definitely makes you smell clean!!

goodkarmasoaps said...

I. want. this. soap. I love your blog for exposing us to so many different and beautiful soaps. Of course it gives me an inferiority complex too. My goal in life is to get produce something that I would feel brave enough to send to you for review.