Monday, December 15, 2008

I Owe You

I have been sent soaps by amazing soap maker artists and I have not been sharing OR posted any soap reviews for some time now. The holidays do not normally throw me into a state of I-have-no-time-to-do-anything-for-myself, but this year with building the lab/shop for Product, I have stretched myself so thin, I haven't given the soaps the time and attention they really DESERVE.

It's not that I do not LOVE them. It's not that I do not ADORE your lovely notes and soapy goodies and creations. It's not that I do not COMPLETELY appreciate you reading this very sentence and sending your friends to read the blog, too. It will get exciting again in January. I PROMISE.

I have plans of writing frequently again and I will be looking for unique approaches and techniques. I am eager to share your video or photographic tutorials with the world (yes, we have a lot of people all over this globe that read this blog, so come be part of it!). I love your comments, emails and additions. You are the reasons I got into the soaping world to begin with so I owe you. I owe you lots of good blog content and my deep gratitude.

You guys rock.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take some time to rest after all your hard work with opening the new store and making your wonderful Products for the holiday season.

We look forward to your reviews and new ideas!

Michelle said...

Relax little lady, don't stress yourself too much. We will be here when you are ready to return and blog your heart out :) Happy Holidays!

Suds to Love said...

Take the time to enjoy the season...