Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Glamour Of It All

Gabriele (aka macsoapy) of That Soap Site and Einfachseife made a funny. She is a very talented soaper and business woman in Germany who I admire and respect. She liked the soap necklace I highlighted the other day and she thought it would be nice to come up with her own soap jewelry concept.

I am LOVING the glamour, the style, the glossy magazine coutoure look. Perhaps soap will be the next cool thing to wear.



(Gabi's blog is in German, so the following is translated through Google)

Soap Necklace

Joanna yesterday again purest soap Porn in her blog THE BAR SOAP published.
Among other things, is a topping of Mrs macsoapy to see. But even a sexy chain of perfect little soap balls.

That is why today I show my interpretation of a soap chain.

Joanna, this picture is for you.

photo - courtesy of Gabriele Kappes of Einfachseife blog/ That Soap Site


the higtea stamper said...

great picture , here in the netherlands the soap chains are very hot , they not hang them on there neck but they hang them in there bathrooms , closeths and toilets .

look on my blog , i made a few , i also made a few for my window for christmas .

greetings brigitta from the netherlands.

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Pretty cool soap necklaces~

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'll be wearing all my soaps like that from now on...strapless dress and all! ;D

Body Natural Soap said...


What a great picture

macsoapy said...

The model is my friend Julia. We had a great time doing unusual pictures with soap.
Thank you Joanna for your great blog.

Soapy Elephant said...

I LOVE IT! Great Soap Porn! lol. New twist to soap on a rope! I think each soaper has heard their soaps were to pretty to use, well now they can be worn! lol

Amber said...

Too funny! I have looked at this several times in last few days and I still laugh when I see it :D