Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Loving...It Happened So Fast

Do you remember when you were a kid, school had ended and summer stretched out in front of you filled with endless possibilities?  How you were full of optimism and excitement and it felt like you had all the time in the world to make anything you could imagine happen?

Today's soap challenge is to design a soap that represents your childhood summers.  Whatever the wonders of summer were for you, whether they involved new love, hours on the beach or the simple joy of opening a fire hydrant on a hot summer day in the city, represent them in your soap.

When posting your Challenge photo on the Facebook Group, you must also tell your story or the photo will not be judged.  You do not have to be a good storyteller, but it helps the viewers (me and others) understand your soap's content and a little about you.

Memories can be extremely difficult to tap into for some, and for those of you that have almost no good memories, share with us just one, even if it was a childhood fantasy and not an actual memory.  I understand we all have had different lives and experiences.

Feed your artist; Feed yourself. 
Make Soap.

Challenge ends:  June 25, 2015
Post your photos here:


Anne-Marie said...

What a wonderful idea for a soap challenge! Can’t wait to see what all the soaps look like =) I’m off to go join the FB group. I can’t believe I haven’t before now =)

Caron & Michelle S. said...

Great ferris wheel photo and I love how you ended this post.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Thank you, you guys!!