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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Warning : I've Been Impersonated

I received an email from a soapmaker asking me how I liked her soaps. Her name or soap company name didn't sound familiar so I told her I didn't know what she was referring to.  She had sent a number of bars to a person claiming they were me:  Jo of The Soap Bar Blog (right here, folks).

I have been doing soap reviews for almost 7 years.  I do not solicit soapmakers.  Soap is either sent to me for free with the request for a review, or I purchase products I want to try.

If someone claims to be me and asks you to send them soap for review, please confirm it is me.  My full name is Joanna Schmidt and I live in Florida, USA.  My email jo(at)absolutesoap(dot)com and I do NOT live in Texas or anywhere else for that matter.

Send your soap to anyone you want for a review, but my suggestion to you: seek those people out yourself.  Do not take requests from bloggers or YouTubers. 

That there is a red flag, folks.

I am Jo of The Soap Bar Blog.



Barbara said...

Excellent post. I still can't believe somebody would do that! Incredible!

Soap Crafter said...

Thanks for sharing that info. That is too bad someone has to be doing that and ruining your rep.

canfieldfive said...

Thank you for sharing! I get offers all the time and I never respond- like you said, too many red flags. It's nice to have my suspicions confirmed.

So sorry that happened to her and to you! :-(

Zwerg said...

I can not believe it....Thank you

Leah C said...

I sent a bunch of items one time from a request I got from a blogger for a review...never got the review and never heard form them again. Now I only do it if I know for sure who the person is. Pretty sad how people like that can ruin it for everybody else!

LM said...

Wow... so sad... :(

Miss'Sippi Hippie said...

Thanks, Jo! I honestly hope this woman is caught. Not only did I lose money for shipping these to her, and inventory, I never did get my Jo review! :(

LongLeafSoaps said...

There sure are some sneaky buggers out there!

Amy A said...

That's awful ! I've just started a soap business in the uk. Would love you to review a product