Monday, February 11, 2013

Close-Up Challenge at Soaper's Retreat

This week, we had a challenge for the group members of Soaper's Retreat and it was all about getting close-up to the soap... the most recent soap made.  Of course, it was fantastic!  I am in love with close-up photography because instead of seeing the entire subject, we get a detailed and personal look at it.  I posted two of my own soaps as examples....

 DEJA VU by me!

RED HOUSE by me!

Here are some of my faves from the submissions:

ANIMAL INSTINCT by Renne Lillie 

BLOODY MARY  by Danielle Martin


LAVENDER & LIME by Hajni Kele

I LOVE YOU by Lina Vilniskyte

MARDI GRAS SOAP by Robin Blood

Thank you to everyone for participating!  Let's keep pushing the envelope and thinking outside of the box for our images.  You all make such amazing soaps!



Mossy Creek Soap said...

Pure talent at work! This a great collection of the best!

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...

Gorgeous close ups.

Jennifer Young said...

wow!!! Stunning. My fave is the Mianra one... I think I could stare at that one for hours.... xo Jen

Hajni said...

Thanks Joanna for sharing it :)! I am with you on that one Jennifer :)! x

Nick Story said...

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Anonymous said...

Madame I must say you have the most BEAUTIFUL soap&/photos (& they make me hungry lol). I hope you don't mind, I do look at your photos & 'try' to implement your technique to make mine look just as fun. Keep up your greatness.