Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chamomile + Calendula

Chamomile and calendula are soothing for your stomach if made as a tea and they are calming to the skin.  For me, they create mental rolling meadows and remind me of a simpler time when summer meant few responsibilities and games of cards and backgammon.

Check out these great looking, creamy soaps:
CHILL by Stella Marie Soap
chamomile and neroli


SUNSHINE - shampoo soap by Beautiful Soaps
Chamomile calendula citrus

Chamomile Tea & Calendula Handmade Cold Process Soap with cocoa and shea butter (Vegan Friendly)

a combination of herbal chamomile tea, slightly citrus, earthy with green notes. A very slight hint of floral.

PATCHOULI CALENDULA by Pleasant Earth Soap
made with organic soymilk, calendula and chamomile

 FARMERS MARKET by bubs and scrubs
 blend of fruits and florals with dried flowers including calendula and chamomile


Kim said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out, Jo!

Super Soap Making said...

Did you sprinkle those flower petals on the soap before it fully hardened so it's stuck on the soap, or was that just for the photo?

Joanna said...

This is a compilation of soaps from other soap makers.

An answer to your question about the dried flowers: In order for botanicals to stick to soap, they need to be put on or in the soap when raw/wet.

Aren't they pretty?? :)

Dancing Garden said...

Thanks for including my Chamomile & Calendula bar! It does work best when you put the petals on when the soap is still wet, however, I add petals after the gel stage :)While the soap is still sticky but cooling.

Great blog, thanks again.

Debbie of Dancing Garden

Brenda said...

Thank you so much for including bubs & scrubs - what an awesome surprise! :) LOVE your blog and your creations - I'm a huge fan. Thanks again - I'm beaming!

JoySoapworks said...

Thanks for having my Chamomile & Calendula Soap. Am a fan of yours :)