Friday, August 19, 2011

Into The Woods

Woodland Handmade Soap Bar - Essential Oil Soap
"These bars are reminiscent of a walk in the woods on a bright sunny day, the smell of
pine blended with cedarwood creates a wonderful scent."

SALE - Spicy Clove, Timber, & Shea / Large 5.5 oz Bar / Natural Healing Joint and Muscle Pain / Vegan / RIVERLANDS Moisturizing  Soap
"Sudsy, creamy, soap that leaves you freshly cleansed and invigorated, and
gives you the sense you just bathed in a river tucked in a spicy forest"

Evergreen Woodland Soap Ships Naked 3.75 oz
"This is a mild soap for lovers of woody scents. It was made with pure essential oils of Black Spruce, Fir and Pine. These are hard, long lasting bars with a gentle lather. It was colored naturally with french
green clay and cocoa powder."

Cedarwood Cypress - Organic Soap
"Whether or not you go to the northwoods to find solace, this soap will take
you there with its grounding woodsy essential oil blend"

Ponderosa Pine Handmade Vegan Soap - Woodsy, Unisex, Upscale
"A wonderful replication of the woodsy grandeur of Ponderosa Pine reminiscent of a walk in the Southern Cascades. This is a very pleasant, unisex, upscale fragrance"

Happy Camper Cold Process Soap Bar Featuring,  Fir, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, & Sweet Orange
"Happy Camper is a refreshing woodland escape. Close your eyes and you will
experience a forest of towering fir and cedar trees. A warm,
woody, fresh and spicy scent that is good for her or him"

Gypsy Woods Soap Handmade Cold Process, Vegan Friendly
"Mysterious and darkly sexy, Gypsy Woods is an
intoxicating blend of cedarwood, amber, vanilla, and just a titch of musk"

500 Acre Woods Soap

A confectionery blend of delightful childhood memories buzzing in adventurous tales of silly bears, sticky jars of sweet hunny, and grumpy rabbits with scrumptious carrot gardens.
The Aroma: Lightheartedly scented with newly bloomed orange blossoms and freshly picked carrots folded in a pot of savory golden honey and a pinch of wondrous imagination.
The Experience: A playful lather of moisturizing avocado oils and shea butter sweetened with honey to help retain the moisture, and calendula flowers for a light scrub.

Aren't these gorgeous??

Like the new BIGGER picture layout?


Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

I want the Winnie the Pooh soap (500 acre wood)

Amy Warden said...

Yes, I love the bigger photos!! I'm such a sucker for blue and brown - the design on the Gypsy Woods is just gorgeous!

Cory said...

Gorgeous! Love the new lay out. I really appreciate you featuring my Evergreen woodland soap!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh my goodness gracious golly these are too fab !! I too love that blue and brown combo. Any hints on where the blue came from. I keep looking for a natural blue color

ElysianOrganics said...

These are all so wonderful. Thanks so much for including Elysian Organics!

Marty & Christine

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

They are all so lovely.I'm really loving that Woodland soap by Elegant Rose Boutique-great stuff.

Love the big pics too!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm such a sucker for soapgazing. Thanks for the honor of including us in such gorgeous sudsy camaraderie.

Best wishes - Casey & Olga
Mirasol Farm

innerearthsoaps said...

Beautiful soaps, they all sound (and look) amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Surprised you included ElysianOrganics they are resellers and don't even make their own soap!

Joanna said...

I don't do research into companies and who are resellers and who aren't before posting. I just find pretty soap and share.

I didn't know anything about anything....

Kylie Parry Studios said...

Great post! Love the happy camper soap :)

Dan Zuluaga said...

Everyone loves receiving a gift! Indeed nothing far better than giving handmade soap. I loved these luxurious handmade soaps.
These soaps are great for display in your bathroom. Ponderosa Pine is the most environmentally beneficial choice today!