Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Voluptas... Dreaming Tree Soapworks

My experience in the shower yesterday was one I hadn't had in a long time. I shared my shower with a nice big bar of wonderful. Let me see if I can describe my experience with My Bar so you can be with me in the shower.

Oh, My Lather
I got in and the water was very warm, verging on too hot (I can almost never get it quite right in that damn shower). I pick up Voluptas and pass it through the water as I bring it towards my other hand and it already starts to create bubbles from the friction in my hand that's holding on to it. Good sign. I start rubbing the soap between my hands and big bubbles grow, but(!) underneath, the tiny, itty bitty shaving cream type bubbles emerge with great density.

Ohhhh, heavenly dense lather.

They are so soft and moisturizing, that I move away from the water so this lather doesn't wash away. I figure what fun it would be to cover my self from head to toe with this vanilla-y-dense-a-love and experience it totally. I did - and my body thanked me for it. What fun it was to not only feel luxurious but also to get a chance to play with so much lather for a while. I rarely give myself time in the shower because I am on the go, it seems, all the time.

Usually when a bar is this dark, the lather is a dark tan and leaves dark bubbles all over, but this one is only a light tan and doesn't leave the shower looking like poop was splattered around by a pissed off monkey. Also, the soap washed away clean off my skin, but not a dry squeaky clean. A soft clean. I do this little thing with every soap I try: I rub it against my lips to see how smooth it is. This one is super smooth, no bumps at all. love!

I love vanilla but I really despise faux vanillas. I am usually extremely unhappy with vanilla overall. That is hard to be coming from someone who loves the smell of real vanilla. One of my problems is that I keep thinking this will change because I keep reading descriptions that are written so perfectly and then I receive product A or B and then I want to vomit, so I was nervous to receive this vanilla bar.

This is no typical vanilla. It's no vanilla extract or vanilla ice cream folks. There is some real vanilla hearty stuff in there. Dreaming Tree's description is:
Named for the Goddess of everything sensual and pleasurable; this is a blend of two of the most amazing vanillas. Made with creamy coconut milk, and loads of organic cocoa butter making Voluptas a sensuous shower treat.
I smell vanilla bourbon, although, I could be wrong, whatever these two vanillas are, they are not vanilla as they say. It is far more of a serious blend for the nose that is super comforting to me, that along with the skin benefits of the bar, it felt as if I was perhaps using the best bar of soap I could be using for my skin.

The soap was only lightly scented and that could be a bonus for some and a negative for others. Though I will say, this is an incredibly heavy scent and if it were to be scented more heartily, it could be overwhelming... I don't know. (I know that I have lightly scented soaps and heavily scented soaps in my line.)

Coconut milk, apricot kernel oil & organic cocoa butter? Vanilla? Mmm. I want to make a cake with that and then bathe in it!! It's not cake, but I bathed with it, and my skin loves me for it. And I love Meghan Runyon of Dreaming Tree Soapworks for making it.

I don't give points or stars or thumbs up, but I will tell you to go buy a bar before it disappears. I'm not sure if this is a limited edition, but if it is, I hope she at least keeps this formula in her line. Meghan, pleeeeeeeeaase.

Not only does Meghan make soap, she makes a lot of bath and body products but she researches like crazy and can take up to a year in research and development before introducing a product to her line.

Thank you, Meghan, for allowing me to review your soap!! Maybe I should interview you next!



Bobbins and Balms said...

love your description...feel like im already in the shower.....

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

"Usually when a bar is this dark, the lather is a dark tan and leaves dark bubbles all over, but this one is only a light tan and doesn't leave the shower looking like poop was splattered around by a pissed off monkey." Oh lawd, never piss a monkey off.

Great job!Nice review.
Dreaming Tree - that is a lovely bar of soap and sounds even better than it looks. Congrats!

Celine Blacow said...

Oh you never want a pissed off monkey in the shower with you! LOL ... great review, beautiful looking soap indeed. Love it!

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

Thanks everyone, thank you Joanna! Voluptas is made with my newest recipe, everyone loves it especially so it's definitely staying. Vanilla soap has been our most requested soap ever so it is part of our Familiar Fairy Tale line-the soaps that are around year round.

Amy Warden said...

I long for a true vanilla scent myself. I've been highly disappointed in all the synthetic versions. They can smell so good out of the bottle, then add them to the soap, and WHAM! chemical nasty smell. I might have to get me a bar of Voluptus. Yes, I think I will.

Anonymous said...


I just came across your blog, and i must say, what an inspiration. I am 19 years old and an aspiring entrepenuer...my dream one day is to own my own business. I had the soap making idea as well!! of course, i have to find ways to ern enough money to buy materials..nowadays its more about brainstorming for me. going back to shool in the fall.

i love your blog and hope to be as successful as you are!

Briny Bar Soap said...

OH SO glad to be seeing a new review from you. They make me pretty gosh darn happy.