Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Perfumes & The Hurdles

I'm spending my Saturday making perfumes. It takes me a long long time to make these concoctions. I spend hours and then I wear them, change the formula, then wear it again... mostly, they end up down the sink or in the trash. I thought perfumers had it easy, baby. Boy, was I the hell wrong. This takes so much time, it's killing me, especially because I am in the process of making a Valentine's Trio of perfume oils which will all be in the Limited Editions sector of my line.

That aside, it doesn't help when I am on the fence about a scent, so I come out of my studio, wave my arm in front of my husband's face and he says this: "Crikey, woman! It smells like you spilled a dirty bong in a patchouli factory!!"

Yeah, the support is astounding. *

I didn't like it so much anyway... had a gasoline smell I wasn't going for on Valentine's. Burning Bed wasn't my goal. Today.


Back to work, but I was tired. I designed my labels and made one perfume I am really happy with. I'm not going to share with my husband because he won't like it, but I LOVE it.

I washed up with soap, then more soap and finally dishwashing liquid from my upper arms down to my fingertips. I even scrubbed myself with a Dobie pad. If you know what that is, you know I scrubbed up.

I sat here at my desk writing after I worked for a solid Saturday while my husband played Demon's Souls for 6 hours on his PS3. Luckily my children had other things to do today other than smelling me or listening to Brad curse under his breath because once he collects 1200 souls or whatever and he dies, he has to start all over again. Poor puppy...

Later, Brad comes over to my desk to set up my computer so he can share a file or something with his computer and he covers his entire nose and mouth and says: "You must take care of this, I'm going to die." Now he's coughing over there on the other side of the room. I'm going to go take a shower and unless the oils are seeped in (which I think they are), I'll smell like me again.

*you know I love my husband and he is wildly supportive. A little too concerned with scents, though....and Demon Souls


The Morbid The Merrier said...

It's a hard line of work, it is. I've burned everyone's noses so badly, they can't smell it anymore.


dalene said...

You are so brave! I'm too chicken to even mix scents in my soaps unless someone has given me a tried and true recipe. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I love Dobie pads...and, yes, I do know how much you scrubbed. ;)

My dh reacts the same way Brad does - to pretty much all scents (except possibly Ruby Rock Star, hence my loving that scent even more than I already do). Egads...husbands and their over-reactions! LOL!

I know you'll come up with exquisite scents for Valentine's Day, but I wish you luck in doing so without killing Brad. ;D

Amy Warden said...

He sounds a bit dramatic! LOL! I haven't attempted the perfumery - made a few body sprays to match soaps once, but that's it. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Why are husbands such a pain when it comes to testing scents. All the EO blends I do I test on the family and he's always the picky one. Grrrr! and he also plays Demon Souls. WTH??? Is this a trend? Demon Soul loving men with no sense of smell LOL!

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

My s.o. played the over dramatic card while I was making our cookies and cocoa soap- so much that he refused to enter the house while I was making it then whined and whimpered for weeks while it cured and then until it was sold out :P My other male friend does the same thing with anything that has patchouli or lavender in it. I think it's just a guy thing. I no longer pay attention.

Rose said...

Game heads...who can understand them :D I know exactly what you mean!

Making scent blends is definitely not easy! It takes a lot of time and practice. I have a blend I made back in November 09 and still not sure if it is good enough -

Happy scenting! I know you'll come out with great scents