Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Falls Here

Snow Falls in North America...
Here are some pretty soaps I found while sipping on warm coffee.

scent of fresh snow, festive lights, cozy winter spices and caramelized fruits.

The 3" snowflake sits on a bed of snow (also made soap,unscented) inside a lovely transparent boutonniere box.

There is a homegrown nasturtium flower pressed in the top of the bar.

Basmati Rice is aromatic, sweet, a little earthy.

A crisp essential oil blend of Peppermint, Spearmint and Pine, Lavender, Sweet Basil,
Rosemary and Lime add a smoothness that makes this the ideal holiday blend.

Thank you to the artists for their creativity so that we could rest our eyes on something unique and beautiful today.



Soaps and Bubbles said...

ooooohh the first one kinda looks like my "ou est mon coco" coconut soap :D
mmm nice soap porn :D

Sarah said...

I love this collection! How fitting for the season. The basmati rice one is so beautiful! I bet its super creamy.

Amanda said...

Very pretty group of soaps!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and seriously creative...especially that snowflake set!