Friday, September 24, 2010

Frolicking In The Woods

Oh, my first stop in the the woods will certainly be at the mossy mound where For Strange Women lives. I have been dying to try her perfumes, but there are just too many fragrances I absolutely adore, I just can't justify buying them all.

These photos are beautiful - - - Here are some of my favorite woodsy photos in her etsy shop:

Continue our walk in the woods and we will find Portland General Store:
wood, eau de toilette

Burnt Mill cranked out a lovely looking bar that I BET smells like winter. It's called
crackling firewood

Love this one because the label with the Sasquatch on it wins and there is no changing my mind. If we had a label with the Lochness Monster on it, maybe we'd have a tie, but, right now this one wins the gold.

I miss the North right now. I miss the chilly air and the smell of burning wood.



Amy Warden said...

Oh my word! How did Misty get that soap to look like it has a burning ember inside?? Is this a camera trick, or what? That is amazing!

Joanna said...

Amy, yes, totally amazing. Her soap looks like it came out of the embers and formed into a soap. Brilliant.


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

ha thanks! that is just how the scent shifted the color all I used was a black swirl on that one the rest is uncolored :)

FuturePrimitive said...

I was just thinking the same thing Amy. amazing effect!
Oh...and For Strange Women..I have that Moss and Ivy perfume. It smells exactly like you would expect. Very earthy, mossy, woody and fresh. Quite manly in fact.
Love these Jo, some lovely pics..and Portland General Store are one of my Etsy faves too.

Anne said...

Thanks for the praise for my Sasquatch Soap Joanna! And that's so funny that you would be partial to a Loch Ness Monster theme. Ha! I've been thinking about doing one of those for a while. I lived in Scotland for a time and have always been partial to mysterious creatures. I just started with sasquatch because he's supposed to be so smelly. :)

Joanna said...

Anne, I love that!
Smelly Sasquatch.

Here Smelly Smelly....


TheSoapSister said...

Very cool products! Love the crackling firewood soap. Jo, I'll think of you when I'm sitting fireside tonight -it's ch-ch-ch-chilly here in St.Louie!
Brrrr! :]

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful round up of products. The moss & Ivy perfume just looks so delightful and enchanting.

Silvia said...

cool idea nice presentation..