Thursday, November 26, 2009

Me and My Pieces.....

Clever conversation has started with my daughter about my upcoming holiday gifts. Except she wants to know what I want for Christmas. I say, oh honey, make me a card and she's all, oh no mom, I want to know what you want. Hmm, so I say, no really, Nina I want you to make something for me. Buy, hey! I love wind chimes, make me wind chimes with shells that you pick from the beach or branches you find on the ground. She's like, no way mom, I've been saving my allowance.

So now it's got me thinking about stuff/objects/things/material objects.

Wow. I didn't EVER expect to stumble to this place. I was never a thing freak or materialistic, but cool stuff, and I used to like it when I had it. Did what I needed to do to get it. Get a job, barter, whatever. So now, I think about what I want so I can help my 12 year old, and I can't come up with one thing?!

Come ON!

So, this is a list of things about me that I am digging in, pulling out so I can evaluate my inner bits. Maybe make some sense of it.

my bits...

I think about my dreams when I'm not sleeping.
My sleeping dreams are bizarre fantasies that are more detailed and more interesting than most movies I have watched and often times they continue like a tv series. For instance, I will fall asleep and my dream will pick up in the exact location and in the same situation I was in last Tuesday night. Ongoing drama.
I think about the ocean more than I visit it.
I want to believe everyone means well.
I think I'm younger than I am before I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
I love animals, the snuggly kind, and the ones that like me, too.
I like things made by hand just for me. It makes me feel special.
I love the sound of wind rustling through leaves, especially palm trees.
I'm addicted to soap.
I love what I do.
Laughing hard is the best feeling.
I prefer independent and foreign films to blockbusters.
I hate pain.
I hate being broke.
I miss being a kid and playing dress up and getting ice cream cones and Fire Island.
I miss smoking.
I wish I had more friends.
I'd pick me for a friend if I weren't me.
I've made online friends that I wish lived closer.
Green is my favorite color. And black. And espresso.
The ocean is my favorite sound along with the sound of my children's laughter.
I love the smell of cookies, banana bread, cake.... any dessert baking is pure delight for me.
I play a mean game of air hockey.
I like games: cards, backgammon, Marco Polo, Trac Ball, Tetherball, Pictionary, Balderdash, ping pong, charades...etc.
I can snap a damp kitchen towel like nobody's business so don't mess with me once I've started kitchen clean-up or so help you.
Violence upsets me terribly, although I do watch MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). That's different, though.
Sponge Bob Square Pants is funny. I especially loved his teachings on how to blow a bubble...."and arooooouuuund the town...". :)
Frisky Dingo was just about my favorite animation show and I am so sad it is off the air.
I love opal stones.
Soft cotton pajamas and slippers may be my favorite thing to wear.
I love my bed. I could lie in it and fall asleep anytime of day or night.
I love lard bread from Brooklyn. If you aren't from Brooklyn, you won't understand.
I prefer squeaky wood floors, antique furniture and colored paint.
I like foreign food, wine, films, countries, languages and people. And YES, I believe they all deserve to be here if they want to be!
Sunlight streaming in my room makes me feel nice.
I hate feeling hunger, pain and loss.
Random hugs feel good.

There's my list. For today. I have more.
Did I get any closer to figuring out an answer for her?
Not a chance.


FuturePrimitive said...

Hello jo. I'm about to go to sleep in a mo and that was like being told a lovely bedtime story.
I do so wish I lived near...x

Cathy Winsby said...

What about having her make you a gift basket of little things she purhcases and makes. She could make up a cookie mix that you and she could make together...A bottle of nail polish with the promise of a free manicure...A coupon for an icecream cone date with her.

A basket full of mother and daughter moments to be shared.

Anonymous said...

jo jo...I love you so I love you even more...ya made me tear up!!! xoxox jer

Jan said...

Oh Jo, that was wonderful, I don't know you but after reading your posts for a long time now, I feel I do and even more so after that one.

I don't know about a pressie for your daughter to give you but I think you have just given a very special one to her.

If you ever want another friend in Australia I'll gladly put my hand up:)

Amanda said...

This was my favorite part. Very cool.

"I prefer squeaky wood floors, antique furniture and colored paint.
I like foreign food, wine, films, countries, languages and people. And YES, I believe they all deserve to be here if they want to be!"

PureIntox said...

Very nice blog. Glad I stumble upon it.

firefly said...

Maybe have her bake cupcakes or buy a new board game? I like your list. Post more when you have some!

Joanna said...

Cathy, great idea. She won't accept that, but maybe I should do it for her!

Anonymous said...

Nina is handmade and made so well. She was a gift to you. Maybe she could give you several gift certificates - 1) 20 minute running fingers through your hair, 2) 20 mins. tickle your back, 20 mins. tickle both arms. You know what I mean. DDL

Anonymous said...

Jo dear, no ideas for your dd, but I'm going to think of something to make for you since you love handmade-just-for-me stuff. :) *mwah*