Monday, January 12, 2009

Bringing Milk + Honey To Another Level

Lissa Lee of Arcadia Aromatics (aka The Soap Store on Etsy) makes beautiful soaps. I have been admiring them for months now and I got a bar in the mail that I have been eyeing. The glorious 24 Carrot Buttermilk & Honey Bar looks just like fudge: smooth, velvety and inviting. I really wanted to feel my teeth sink into it, but I'm smarter than that more often than not.

This is what's inside: "Saponified oils of palm, coconut, rice bran, canola, fragrance (honey), organic carrot juice, buttermilk. Scent description (on her site): An amazingly pure honey scent. No floral notes, no fruity overtones, and no spices. Only sweet, pure, rich amber honey, with nothing else blended into it.

  • Scent: Tupelo Honey
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • Price: $6.00 ea."
A nice hefty bar, I tellya. When I opened it up, it was just as I imagined it. That almost never happens exactly. Either my hopes are way too high and I am bummed with the soap's performance or scent, or I was blown away because I had no hopes to begin with. This one, I was looking forward to, thinking about the deep sticky-honey-and-buttermilk-in-the-hot-sun smell. Lissa used carrot juice along with buttermilk and I think it's what brings the whole thing together.

The scent: Pure heaven. Sweet without the sugar. It does smell like rich amber honey but I suppose there is a hint of milk in there. Not so much, though. I almost smell
the flowers the bees went to to collect the pollen from. A whisper of jasmine but the bar isn't florally. It's hard to describe, But I urge you to get one and smell it yourself. Then let me know what YOU smell.

The works: Magic. The instant I entered the shower that baby took off like a rocket with the bubbles and exploding lather. Hmmm, I thought. Wonder if it's drying if there are so many bubbles. Nope, it was super moisturizing. It felt great and rubbing the honey bar on my skin made me feel like I was treating my skin with the therapeutic creations from the Earth. Go get my crystals and incense because I was one with it all, man.

Loved it!! So double thumbs up go get a bar do it now rating from Joanna.

Here are some of the other goodies she makes that are also breathtaking:

Lissa, thank you for the opportunity to try your wonderful soap. What a pleasure it has been. I will certainly be back. My bar is half gone and I will need to peruse through your offerings when I'm finished with this wonderbar.


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