Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Biggs & Featherbelle:: Barbados, Here I Come!

This is MY kind of bar!  As some of you know, I am a sucker for tropical, citrus and clean smells.  This one had all three - not possible?  'Tis true.  Pink grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils.... Ahh Barbados.

I adore their handmade packaging.  The wrap is hand stamped with paint.  It is so colorful and cheery and perfect.  I think if someone asked me to design the perfect balance of professional and handmade, I couldn't come up with a better approach.

Here is the bar up close and personal.  No frills.  No fluffy top, no embeds, just plain and true.  I love the frills, I admit, but this bar didn't need eye candy to wow me.  

Let me try to explain the scent:  tropical, but not too sweet.  There was a teeny tiny hint of "hippie", but I can't tag it.  The ingredients include marine carotene.... maybe that's what I smell.  No matter, though because I loved the bar.  Bubble, cheery color, yummy smell, great packaging.  I also have the Beach Bar here which looks faboo, but I didn't want to keep you all waiting in suspense so I am just reviewing one bar today.

Kelly and Kasey now This exerpt was taken from their website..... "Sisters Kelly and Kasey Evick created Biggs & Featherbelle in January 2003. A magazine article inspired the pair to make 'melt and pour' glycerin soaps as Christmas presents. With backgrounds in the Fine Arts and Fashion, the two had fun creating unique recipes, packaging and clever names for each item.The gifts were a big hit.

Their family had always been proponents of alternative healing practices and consumers of natural beauty products. So, it seemed fitting to continue exploring the benefits of botanicals. The innocent investigation soon turned to obsession. The sisters quit their day jobs and devoted every hour to research and invention, striving to create the products they couldn't find on the shelves."  

They now have a successful business with wonderful products!  Please go check out their soaps.  Tell them I sent you and pick a bar, any bar!

   Thank you Kelly and Kasey!!!


Kelley said...

Looks scrumptious!
Enjoy that soap!

Anne-Marie said... grapefruit and Sweet orange sound delicious together. The packaging is adorable too! What a cute story!

Heidi said...

I love the packaging! Hmmm, imagine soap becoming an obsession = )

Anonymous said...

I can smell the soap from here! The pkging is eye candy. I'd love to have a successful biz with my sis doing something I have a passion for.

dcyrill said...

I am a sucker for all things citrus. So I can smell the soap from here. :) The packaging is so simple but beautiful and professional at the same time.

NEA said...

I've never tried their soaps, but the packaging is so...gorgeous and professional, I would try them, just based on how they look.

I too LOVE citrus/fruity and clean scents.

nywele said...

the soaps look so yummy!!!!